• Jun 05

    Technology run Hostel

    Paperless documentations: In Grandeur Stay the prospective occupant’s checks in, manages stay and even checks out totally with paperless documentations as the entire system works online right from the registration to checkout. The occupants just have to access a system to register themselves online & then all the processes follow. The convenience of submitting bio-datas,…

  • May 26

    How to Choose a Good Hostel in Chennai

      So, How to choose a good Hostel in Chennai. Hostels have proved to be a great solution to budget friendly accommodation woes. With so many hostels around, it can be a minefield for first time visitors to Chennai. The hostel you choose to stay in can determine how your stay in this city will…

  • May 22

    Is Chennai Safe for Working Women

    Hundreds of working women’s hostel in metropolitan cities in quest for a higher education or better job opportunities every day. Most of them stay away from their families and rely on the system for safety and protection. The one question then, that looms large in their minds, is – Is Chennai Safe for Working Women?…

  • May 19

    Hostel Life – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    If you are an outstation student or a long stay traveler, then you probably already know the budget friendly accommodation that a hostel provides. They make for a perfect go-to option for people looking for an economic stay place having all basic amenities. It is a boon in a plethora of ways. Staying in a hostel has…

  • Apr 06

    Best Ladies Hostel on OMR Chennai

    Grandeur Stay Ladies Hostel is undoubtedly the Best Ladies Hostel in OMR Chennai, on account of the incomparable service and affordable luxury that it lavishes on its occupants. The hostel specializes in what it does best, which is, making a women feel at home, providing them with all the basic amenities for comfortable living, with…

  • Mar 28

    Ladies Hostel on OMR

    Ladies Hostel in OMR Grandeur Stay Ladies Hostel in OMR can proudly proclaim to be the first of its kind. Conveniently situated at the centre of the busy Chennai suburban, the provision of 5 star facilities is the highlight of this hostel. The prime purpose in mind is to provide the perfect haven for working…

  • Mar 21

    OMR Chennai Ladies Hostel Food Facility

    OMR Chennai Ladies Hostel Food Facility When you return back to your hostel from a tiring day at work, spending the next one hour or two cooking or searching for a good place to eat would be the last thing on your mind. At the same time, it’s quite impossible to avoid the hunger factor….

  • Mar 17

    Ladies Hostel Safety in Chennai

    Ladies Hostel Safety in Chennai   Provision of safety is an aspect of women’s hostels that can never be taken for granted. Women’s hostel safety in Chennai ranks highest in the list of priorities of the working woman searching for a place to stay in Chennai. Accordingly, we believe that ensuring safety is essential to feel…

  • Mar 12

    Easy access to NIFT college

    Ladies Hostel near NIFT Are you a student or faculty member of NIFT Chennai? Are you looking for the perfect place to abide in as you pursue your education in Chennai? Are your top criteria comfort, safety and affordable luxury? Settle for nothing less than the best. Grandeur Stay is a Girls hostel near NIFT…

  • Mar 07

    Ladies Hostel Chennai OMR

    The Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), also referred to as Chennai’s IT Corridor, is unanimously accepted as one of the busiest and fastest developing expressways of the country. It is home to a number of IT companies and different organizations with a huge number of women employees working in them. Grandeur Stay women’s hostel is located…

  • Mar 01

    Required List for Women’s Hostel in Chennai

    Required List for Women’s Hostel in Chennai For a young woman working far from home or studying in a far-off university, finding a suitable PG accommodation becomes an affair of great importance. It is necessary to have a required list for women’s hostel in chennai, keeping certain criteria in mind before choosing a ladies hostel…

  • Feb 28

    Ladies Hostel in Chennai

    Ladies Hostel in Chennai We at Grandeur Stay are pleased to announce the opening of the first of its kind Ladies Hostel in Chennai. There are several other hostels that claim a hundred million things, but we aim to be honest to good with our promises. We strongly believe in providing a world class facility…