Ladies Hostel Safety in Chennai

Mar 17

Ladies Hostel Safety in Chennai


Provision of safety is an aspect of women’s hostels that can never be taken for granted. Women’s hostel safety in Chennai ranks highest in the list of priorities of the working woman searching for a place to stay in Chennai. Accordingly, we believe that ensuring safety is essential to feel at home and sleep easy at night. Grandeur Stay Ladies Hostel in OMR, Chennai, has recognized this need and customized the hostel with maximum security measures, without compromising on other requirements such as comfort, privacy and freedom. Some of the measures implemented at our hostel are,


Security Guard


We have a security on watch all through the day and night. The hostel is surrounded by a compound wall and admission into the compound is closely monitored. The watchman monitor’s the entry and exit of hostellers, visitors and also ensures that unknown people from the outside do not enter the compound.


Biometric Entry System

Entry into the building is governed by biometric locks for secured access. This is one of the most effective technologies guaranteeing safety by limiting building access only to the occupants. Each of the rooms in the hostel is properly secured with door locks.


Surveillance Cameras


The common areas of the hostel are continuously monitored by CCTV surveillance cameras. These cameras are fixed in the halls, corridors, parking lot and the cafeteria to keep track of all activities without disturbing the privacy factor. Surveillance cameras are another effective safety monitoring technology.


Facility Manager

A manager will be present  to supervise the activities and maintenance of the hostel. The prime goal of the manager is to make sure that the women are comfortable and to ensure their welfare. The tenants can contact the manager in case of emergencies or for general discussions related to their stay.


Intercom connectivity

The entire hostel is connected through EPBAX intercom connectivity. Each room in the hostel is provided with intercom systems. This enables the tenants to communicate with ease within the hostel premises.

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Wardrobes with locks

Every room in the hostel is provided with sufficient number of modular steel individual wardrobes and  loft cabinets, well secured with locks. All the belongings can be kept safe in the wardrobe specifically given to each resident.



Location is another important criterion for women’s hostel safety in Chennai. Grandeur Stay is conveniently located at 300 meters away from the main road, not too close and not too far. Situated in the busy OMR, and surrounded by different transport options at the door step, the hostel provides best means of safety for the working woman.


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