Terms and Conditions

The hostel herein referred as the management has set in the following rules & regulations for all its occupants which have to be strictly adhered to by all & are confirmed by duly attesting their signatures for the same. Any incident of violating the same by any occupant will lead to the termination of her tenancy by order.

    1. The management does hereby permit the occupant to occupy the premises for a purely residential purpose on a daily tariff basis.
    2. The tenancy shall be reckoned as per English Calendar month and the tenant shall pay the monthly tariff i.e for 30 or 31 days before the 5th of every succeeding month.
    3. The Security Deposit amount of Rs 19000/- for twin sharing, 17000/- for triple sharing & 15000/- for quartet sharing will have to be paid before occupying the premises & the same will be refunded back to the occupant upon handing over the vacant possession of the demised portion after adjusting any arrears of tariff, other damages if any, that is assessed by the management. The deposit shall not carry any interest.
    4. The tariff for a Twin Bedroom is Rs. 400/- per day, Triple Bedroom Rs. 360/- per day & Quartet Bedroom Rs. 320/- per day
    5. The occupants shall pay the monthly tariff charges regularly online as per the system formulated on our web module without defaulting on dates or else a delay charge will become applicable on the automated system.
    6. The management reserves the right to increase the monthly room tariff with prior intimation.
    7. The occupants shall keep the demised premises in clean and tidy condition and shall not store any inflammable or obnoxious material and not use the demised premises for any illegal, objectionable or dangerous purpose, violating any law.
    8. Tenancy of an occupant will terminate with immediate effect if caught red handed or with confirm information about her smoking, taking drugs or consuming alcohol and at no cost will the management over-look or excuse any such habits within the premises.
    9. The electricity charges will have to be paid separately by cash as per the sub-meter installed for the individual rooms every month @ Rs.11.50/- per unit (The total electricity charge will be divided equally among the occupants of the room). However the unit rate will change if the electricity department revises the rates & will be applicable from whenever the department revises the unit tariff. The electrical consumption charges as computed will have to be paid along with the monthly tariff by the 5th day of each succeeding English calendar month.
    10. The occupants shall allow the owners or their agents, manager to enter upon the premises to inspect the premises at all reasonable time.
    11. The occupant shall not relocate or rearrange the furniture setup inside the room for whatever the reason.
    12. In an event of failure to pay the monthly tariff charges for a maximum period of 60 days than the management will terminate the tenancy rights of the occupant.
    13. The tenancy is specifically for a person for a particular room & bed, and the tenant shall not sublet/underlet or transfer her portion with any other tenant. In an event if this is found by the management then the person in question will cease to continue as the tenant & stand to lose the security deposit.
    14. All furniture, fixtures and allied items provided by the hostel as listed separately are for individual use only, which has to be maintained and handed over back at the time of vacating the said portion. If there is any item missing or damaged by the tenant than the cost of that item will be divided equally among all occupants of that particular room and paid to the management.
    15. All common areas in the building namely terrace, washing machine room, garage, cafeteria, passage, staircase etc. can be used by all occupants with equal rights.
    16. The walls, furniture and equipments inside the room & common passage area will have to be free from any kind of markings, scribbling, poster pasting etc. throughout the period of the occupants stay. However if any such thing as mentioned above are found then the cost of repainting and setting it right will have to be borne by all occupants equally.
    17. Every occupant will be given the following set of keys on occupying the premises:
      1. Room Entrance Door key
      2. Individual Wardrobe key
      3. Terrace Wash Locker key
      4. Toilet Door key
      5. Wardrobe Locker key
        The keys have to be carefully kept with the occupant till the handover of the premises. In an event of losing or damaging the keys, a duplicate key can be requested for by paying Rs. 500/- per key & a period of two working days will have to be given for the same.
    18. Main course food will have to be had at the ground floor cafeteria only however dry snacks and soft drinks if need be, can be had at the rooms, However keeping in mind the neatness and cleanliness of the room.
    19. The management will be forced to charge a fine to each tenant  every time the following listed below are found.
      1. Rooms not maintained in a tidy/hygienic condition.
      2. Bed linen Stained by food, oil, etc.
      3. Refrigerators switched off with spilt food or liquid stagnating causing a stench when opened. Such items are to be cleaned by self regularly and not by the maid, especially when vacating a room.
      4. Floor stained with food, gum, stickers, nail polish, etc. which makes it difficult for cleaning.
      5. Posters/stickers on Walls, Doors, Windows, Wardrobe, Refrigerators, etc.
      6. Used plates, glasses, cups left on tables/cafeteria floor without being disposed at the wash area and paper napkins/food not disposed into the dustbin.
      7. Food Wastage
    20. All service related issues for AC, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. will have to be made on the website by email and the work status will be updated against the same.
    21. If an existing tenant wishes to move into another bed in the premises which is vacant then she will need to approach the facility manager for Re- Assignment of her bed which would be done at a fee of Rs. 2500.00
    22. The occupant can freely move in & out of the facility any number of times. For late hour going or reporting and absence at the premises during travel, the occupant’s will have to keep the management informed in advance for the same but on no account irregular late hours will be entertained.
    23. All female guests known to the occupants are allowed to visit the facility after making an entry in the visitors’ register, but will have to vacate the premises necessarily by 7pm.
    24. No gents are allowed inside the facility, even for inspecting the rooms by the male parent. However the male parent can meet the facility manager for any information if required during the normal working hours between 10 am to 6 pm.
    25. The management reserves the right to terminate the tenancy of any individual without prior information if it feels that the individual’s stay is affecting the peace & tranquility among other co-occupants within a respective room/facility.
    26. The management reserves the right of admission.
    27. Food will be provided thrice a day. The requirement for your meals will have to be mandatorily marked on our Web Module by logging in with the individual username & password that is provided upon check-in. Meals that are not marked will not be prepared and when marked the occupants shall ensure to have their respective meals without incurring wastage. Booking of meals can be done on a weekly or monthly basis.
    28. The Grandeur Login Account that is provided to all occupants is to be accessed on a regular basis for Food bookings, Complaints and Notifications/Updates sent by the management. Any such notification/update if missed out by the occupant will be their sole responsibility and no reason whatsoever will be entertained for not being informed.
    29. The refrigerators provided in all rooms are not meant to be switched off & on, as it develops foul odour & might get spoiled, As these machines are of star rating it consumes very little power even if it is made to run throughout the year. However in an event if the refrigerator gets spoiled or malfunctions due to regular on and off then all the occupants of that particular room will be liable for the same and will have to jointly bear the necessary costs of repairs or replacement whichever is required.
    30. The management strives its utmost to maintain a smooth & continuous working of all essential services & equipments namely electricity power, backup power, lift, bathing water, drinking water, refrigerators, washing machines, geysers, lights & fans, internet, intercom, TV, tatasky etc however in an event of any of these not functioning a reasonable time frame will have to be given to set right the issue and the management will not be liable for any compensation in whatsoever manner for the same. The occupants can use the complaint module online to notify the management.
    31. The access to the terrace will close at 11.00 PM every night, therefore all occupant’s will have to programme washing of their clothes well before that time.
    32. As the minimum occupancy period is for one month ( 30 Days ) those who wish to stay only for one month will have to simultaneously do both the check- in and check-out procedure at the time of joining to avoid payment of an additional 30 Days Tariff.
    33. If the occupant does not register in the check-out procedure section but still wants to check-out all of a sudden then the facility manager will help her to complete the online formalities and 30 Days Tariff from that date will have to be paid by the occupant.
    34. If in case the occupant is a foreign national or an Indian settled abroad, the original passport will have to be submitted to the management at the time of checking in the facility, and would be returned back on vacating the premises.
    35. In case of cancellation of a confirmed booking, a cancellation fee will be applicable at the time of refund of Security Deposit as follows:
      1. Notification within 30 days from the date of Joining  – Rs. 1500.00
      2. Notification within 20 days from the date of Joining  – Rs. 3500.00
      3. Notification within 10 days from the date of Joining  -Rs. 5500.00
    36. Modesty and decorum in dressing is requested of all our occupants, be it within the hostel premises or when leaving the premises especially by walk. Revealing clothing such as Shorts, Spaghetti Strapped tops/dresses, Minis, Micro minis, etc. is not permissible in common areas such as the Main Entrance, Parking Area & the Dining Hall.
    37. The occupant by signing this document is deemed to have accepted all the above terms and conditions and has taken delivery of all furniture, fixtures and allied items as listed separately.