How to Choose a Good Hostel in Chennai

May 26


So, How to choose a good Hostel in Chennai.

Hostels have proved to be a great solution to budget friendly accommodation woes. With so many hostels around, it can be a minefield for first time visitors to Chennai. The hostel you choose to stay in can determine how your stay in this city will be. Make that decision wisely. Here’s how you will go about choosing one for yourself.


First things First

Know yourself before you know the hostel. What kind of a person are you? Are you friendly and loud who loves socializing or are you reserved and shy who needs a private space?  Do you carry expensive gadgets with you? Do you need security? Anticipate how you will feel once you arrive in Chennai before you book a hostel. Once you are set with that, look further.


Be Economical but Be Wise

Don’t sacrifice important features for money. Certain features like proper security, tidiness, functional kitchen or whatever you please are important. Don’t just go for something that fits your budget but doesn’t cater to your needs.


Area Matters

Seedy places offer dirt prices. Agreed. But consider two things if you are sacrificing a good area because you want to save all that money. One Think of the time and fuel you will spend on commuting. Two If you are a woman lack of safety is another woe in remote or trodden areas.


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Who wants to come to waxy floors, stinky rooms, messy kitchen, stained sheets or flies’ company after a long tiring day at work / college. If its a day or two that you want to spend in the hostel its okay to swat flies and brave the stink, but if you are in a hostel to stay, then look for a place that offers good hygiene and clean food . If you are a first timer at a hostel, it is needful to know that a clean place is  more important than you think it is.



A Helping Hand

Look for a hostel with its help desk in place. Many hostels offer an all day help desk and trust if you will that it proves to be a boon. For prompt guidance, travel arrangements and knick knacks. Some other hostels also provide online facilities. Be it booking of beds, paying rent, giving feedback or more, all can be done with a click of a button. Who doesn’t like to lap up convenience?!


Don’t Believe What you See

If you are screening the hostel online, keep in mind that most of the hostels brag. The actual thing might not be all that rosy. The best way to choose a hostel is not just go by what their website claims. Check reviews and testimonials instead. People who have been there and done that will be honest and you will have a clearer picture in head before opting for a hostel.


If Luxury is a necessity

If you are the kind who loves Luxury’s lap, A few hostels in this city does offer wonderful facilities. Keep an eye out for these. These services comes at a price but if you are lucky, you will find a few in the city who will not bore a hole in your wallet while offering you the best. Attached bathrooms, led TVs, Personal safety lockers, air conditioners ( This is a necessity in Chennai considering the temperature issues here), refrigerator, WiFi connectivity ..etc You name it and they have it. Be  judicious, patient and far sighted and all will fall in place


If you have made it through this article, you are probably looking for a hostel. So here’s wishing you all the best!







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