OMR Chennai Ladies Hostel Food Facility

Mar 21

OMR Chennai Ladies Hostel Food Facility

When you return back to your hostel from a tiring day at work, spending the next one hour or two cooking or searching for a good place to eat would be the last thing on your mind. At the same time, it’s quite impossible to avoid the hunger factor. How refreshing would it be if you could return to some warm freshly cooked food, kept ready according to your appetite? At Grandeur Stay Ladies Hostel, we aim at providing the best. Accordingly, the comfort aspect and the feel-at-home effect are our primary targets among many others. To achieve this target, we give focus to each and every detail, one being the Food facility at our Ladies Hostel .



At Grandeur Stay, you can avail warm and freshly prepared food, all three meals a day. We have meals readily available at the hostel. So now you can return from work assured of tasty food as soon
as you reach the hostel.


In House Chef

Grandeur Stay ladies hostel has a qualified full time cook preparing meals on time every day. A variety of dishes are prepared throughout the week making the tenants feel at home and to relish home cooked meals. You can be assured that the food provided ranks high in taste and nutrition. The kitchen is perfectly maintained in good hygiene and there is a continuous supply of RO processed clean drinking water on every floor.


09  Buffet System

Food is served in buffet style during meal time to ensure that the      food served is warm. The buffet system also allows you to choose  from a variety of dishes, pleasing to your appetite. Meals are  prepared with a rich combination of vegetables and other  ingredients to give you the necessary strength to get through the  day. Our Food facility focuses on all aspects to make sure that your  stay at our hostel is most satisfactory.



Food Preference Management

The online system is designed for your comfort so that you can check and avail meals online. The menu is regularly updated to serve different varieties and make meal time rich in diversity.




The ground floor of the hostel has its very own custom designed cafeteria with TV. The cafeteria is a good place to loosen up and hang out with other hostellers while you have your meal. You can relax as you have breakfast or evening tea and entertain yourselves by watching TV. The cafeteria is spaciously arranged to dine and unwind, while also serving to be a recreational facility.


We can confidently proclaim that the food facility at Ladies Hostel Chennai OMR ranks first at Grandeur Stay. Everything has been designed and effectuated in such a way, so as to provide the best for the young women living in our hostel. Come and avail the best now!


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