Required List for Women’s Hostel in Chennai

Mar 01

Required List for Women’s Hostel in Chennai

For a young woman working far from home or studying in a far-off university, finding a suitable PG accommodation becomes an affair of great importance. It is necessary to have a required list for women’s hostel in chennai, keeping certain criteria in mind before choosing a ladies hostel to live in.



The first criterion that comes to mind is security. It may sound cliché, but it is wise to double check the safety measures provided by the hostel before deciding on it. Asking the following questions will help. Does the hostel have security guards keeping watch during both day and night? Are the rooms secure with suitable locks? Is there a caretaker to ensure the welfare of the occupants? Generally, hostels with a round-the-clock reception desk are a better choice as it keeps strangers at bay. Also, it will be convenient for women who work late and need to check-in at odd hours. For this reason, at Grandeur Stay we have a round-the-clock security guard and CCTV camera.



The location of the hostel is the next aspect to be considered. A hostel located in a centralized area is often preferred as the hostelers will have better access to markets, work places and other places of significance. Densely populated areas and areas near IT parks are known to have easily accessible retail shops and wholesale shops.  If the hostel is situated far from the city, ensure that there are public transportation facilities close by. Hostels which provide free parking space will appear handy for those who have vehicles of their own. We are aptly placed in the middle of the IT Corridor in Perungudi.



The rooms of the hostel must have windows suited for proper ventilation. Nowadays, air conditioning has become a commonly sought after requirement. Therefore hostels providing this facility are generally preferred to hostels without air conditioning facility. An important aspect of comfortable living is cleanliness. Make sure that the hostel is properly maintained, especially the toilets and bathrooms. A hostel which is well managed and taken care of, serves to be a good environment to reside in. A ladies hostel such as Grandeur Stay provides the perfect setting to lodge in.



Different hostels claim to provide a number of additional facilities. These additional facilities count as added bonuses, especially when one is aiming for the perfect stay equipped with basic necessities that a working woman or student may usually require. One such facility is Wi-Fi. With the world progressing fast towards an internet revolution, it is very important to have continuous access to Wi-Fi while staying at the hostel. It is also important to check the availability of food. Some hostels have built-in canteens while others have kitchens where the occupants can cook their own food. Clean drinking water is a requirement which cannot be compromised. Our tenants at Grandeur Stay get nothing short of a 5 star treatment.



After checking all the above conditions, the cost factor comes to mind. Prices will largely depend on the type of accommodation you seek and the facilities you desire. There are hostels which provide all the facilities at affordable prices. An effective way to choose is by reading reviews and ratings given by previous occupants. Grandeur Stay is an affordable women’s hostel providing maximum comfort and at the same time, ensuring that the money spent is put to good use.


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