Is Chennai Safe for Working Women

May 22

Hundreds of working women’s hostel in metropolitan cities in quest for a higher education or better job opportunities every day. Most of them stay away from their families and rely on the system for safety and protection. The one question then, that looms large in their minds, is – Is Chennai Safe for Working Women?


Well according to National Crimes Bureau Report on crime in India 2009, Chennai ranks 34 among 35 cities across the country when it comes to crimes and offenses against women. Lets look at some pros and cons of this Metropolitan City.



Chennai still has the tag of being one of the few remaining conservative cities in the country and hence compared to other metros, Chennai isn’t so influenced by notions of western culture. Pubbing and partying , though exists, isn’t as popular as its counterpart cities. So chances of finding alcohol influenced rogues on the streets becomes lesser although not non existent. Hostels here are also stricter and restrict inmates from moving out at late nights curbing vile activities to an extent.


Most people who migrate to Chennai are from Tamilnadu or its neighbouring states. Women belonging here are more educated and more empowered. Southern states enjoy the reputation of a culture of venerating women. Several women are in visible positions of power. And hence southern men come to respecting women more.


The railway protection force frequently deploys constables on suburban trains that commutes at unearthly hours keeping eve teasers and trouble makers on guard. Chennai also boasts of intensive police patrolling and that to some extent does keep the demons at bay.


Hostels can prove to be a good option for women who come to the city to work or study. Hostels are budget oriented and yet offering all basic amenities making it a preferable choice and with most  hostels located in the city centers, near railway stations and near tourist spots, commuting to and from place to place.




Although Chennai is considered safer than other metros, a few safety concerns cannot be overlooked.

Firstly life as a woman in Chennai is fraught with challenges if you are a single working woman. It is arduous to find a decent accommodation in good localities as conservative Chennaites disallow single women from occupying their space. Even if you do find, it is overpriced and all visitors are frowned upon and doubted on. This forces many to find a home on the outskirts of the city and that poses a safety issue.


Several option for working womens hostels, But hostels instead of being homely, functional and safe, can quite be the opposite. Packed like sardines, lack of facilities and shady localities. If your decision of choosing a hostel is not a prudent and a well thought of one, hostel life will not be memorable one for good.


If your hostel allows exits 24/7, you have to be alert and guarded at dark hours because intensive police patrolling is limited to main streets and does not always extend to remote areas and little lanes.


Nevertheless you can pretty much have a pleasant and tease free stay in Chennai , if you are alert about your surroundings.

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